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Reliable Cheque Cashing Services in Kitchener

Do you have a cheque but don’t have an account to cash it? Have you recently shifted to Canada from another country, or have a seasonal job without a fixed bank account? Contact Northern Cash for instant cheque cashing services for a government-issued cheque or a cheque issued by your employer. We are South Western Ontario’s reliable firm for cheque cashing and have built a solid reputation among the community. We have been there for you since 2009.


Our cheque cashing process is simple. Don’t wait for your money to clear at the bank anymore. When you cash a cheque at Northern Cash, you will walk out with cash in hand. If you have any questions about cheque cashing, we can help you understand our services. We are not a bank, but our cheque cashing services are similar. Contact us to speak with our experts. We are reachable by phone call, email or in-store.


The following are the types of cheques we can cash for you:

Exchange of government cheques

Exchange of paycheques

Who We Help

Over ten years of expertise in cheque cashing services helps us serve a wide variety of customers, including

People who don’t have a bank account

New residents who would have moved to the province recently from another country

Workers from other countries who work seasonal jobs and don’t have a bank account

Those whose money is frozen by financial institutions (a portion or the entire amount of the cheque, which is supposed to be your own money is frozen)

Anybody who needs the money right away may use our services

Canada government tax refund cheque

Why Northern Cash?

If you do not have a bank account and need cash immediately for a government-issued cheque or a cheque issued by your employer (paycheque), our cheque cashing services may be a valid option. Our solutions offer benefits such as

Fair cashing rate fee

No holds on funds

Convenient location and hours

Cheque of almost any amount

Important: Please note that you will be required to show a photo ID for cheque cashing.


Cash Your Cheque

Turn your cheque into cash with no holds on funds and at a fair cashing rate fee.

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