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Get Instant Cash and Loan for Silver and Gold Jewelry in Kitchener

Northern Cash offers our customers unrivalled rates on their silver and gold jewelry when in need. We believe in empowering our customers with instant cash and trying to maintain transparency regarding the valuation of their gold and silver jewelry. This is the process we follow. Our doors are open to customers across Kitchener and South Western Ontario.


Our valuation process takes about 15-20 minutes, depending on the volume of the transaction. Our approach is as follows:

We start by evaluating the precious metals using an earth magnet that determines whether the metal has any magnetic properties.

We check for purity stamps, usually engraved in small letters, using a jeweller coupe that gives 20x magnification.

If there are no stamps, we do an acid scratch test, x-ray fluorescence testing or a specific gravity machine to check the purity.

In the last step, we weigh the metal on the calibrated scale and let you know its value based on the current market price of gold and silver.

We ensure you are involved in every step of the process. We are available from Monday to Saturday and can be reached via phone call, email, or an in-store visit.

How We Help You

Here is everything you need to know about our gold and silver jewelry purchase as well as our loan process.

What do we buy?

We are South Western Ontario’s preferred buyers of gold jewelry, scrap and broken gold jewelry, gold watches, dental gold, platinum jewelry, scrap and broken platinum jewelry. We also buy silver jewelry and sterling silverware.

What we don't buy?

We do not deal in diamonds and precious stones, gold plated or gold-filled jewelry, silver plated silverware or jewelry.

Instant cash for gold

We use the tools at our disposition to examine and weigh gold and silver jewelry in front of you. We offer a fair market price and pay you directly in cash. We don't offer cheques or store credit like our competitors. After purchasing gold jewelry from you, we don't need to resale it. We send it for refinement.

Instant cash for silver

Get on-the-spot money for sterling silverware, unwanted silver items. We pay in cash for these the same day.

Instant cash loans

We provide loans up to 80% of the market value on gold and silver jewelry, coins, and sterling silverware. The loans come with re-purchase plans starting from 30 days to 6 months.

Jewelry of any Karat

We purchase jewelry from 9 to 24 Karat and sterling silverware, in any condition.

Your Trusted Gold and Silver Jewelry Buyer

When you choose us to sell your gold or silver jewelry, you don’t have to worry about anything because of the following reasons:

We pay in cash and on the spot

Metal testing with no fees

Free estimates

Top dollar paid on the same day

We will beat our competitors’ offers by 5%

We buy and sell based on the current prices of gold and silver.


Sell Your Precious Metal Items for Cash

Sell your unwanted gold jewelry and coins, scrap gold, and other precious metals like silver for instant cash.

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