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Exchange Gift Cards for Real Money in Kitchener

Why waste your gift card’s value when you can exchange it for money, right? Northern Cash offers a way to turn your new and old gift cards into cash. If you have gift cards that you don’t need, or the store location is too far from your house, or you do not visit the store too often, come to us and get your cards exchanged for cash! We offer same-day purchases and transform your gift card's value into real money in no time. You can exchange various gift cards, from console gift cards to retail store gift cards and food cards.


Trust us because we provide great value for your gift cards and are committed to keeping our customers' needs a priority. We serve clients in Kitchener and South Western Ontario. For any more information, get in touch with us by phone call, email or in-store.

Convert Your Gift Card into Instant Cash!

We exchange an array of unused gift cards. Please contact us to know if you can exchange yours. Find out if your gift card is part of our exchange program. We take gift cards mostly from:

Gas cards

Retail stores

Home improvement stores

Food and drinks

Gift Cards

Sell Gift Cards for Real Money!

At Northern Cash, we exchange various console gift cards, retail store cards, and food and drinks gift cards for instant cash.

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