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FAQs, Answered!

At Northern Cash, our team of experts has put together a few questions to provide you with details related to cash for gold and silver. We provide gold and silver jewelry loans and cash checking to clients in Kitchener and South Western Ontario. If you would like to obtain more information about our services, please feel free to call us. We are always there to help you.

Question: Do You Buy Diamonds or Other Precious Stones?

Answer: No. We are not certified gemologists. We purchase precious metals for refinement only. We value your jewelry for the weight and Karat content of the gold only. If you have any jewelry with diamonds or gemstones, please remove them before sending them to us. Other cash-for-gold websites claim that they also buy diamonds. Be very cautious! If you have any jewelry with valuable gemstones, take them to a certified gemologist, they will tell you if they have any real dollar value.

Question: What Do You Do with the Metals after You Have Purchased Them from Me?

Answer: Don't worry, we will not resell your jewelry! We are agents for one of Canada's largest gold refineries. The jewelry that you send to us is then melted down and refined into solid gold bars.

Question: How Come You Can Afford to Pay More for Gold than Your Competition?

Answer: We do high volume and have low overhead. Unlike other companies that spend millions of dollars on advertising and promotions, we keep our advertising and overhead low. Our business has been built with the cheapest advertising invented "Word of Mouth”. Our philosophy is simple. Keep the customer happy, give him the best price and service. Then the word gets around, which it already has.

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