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Reputed Gold and Silver Coin Buyers in Kitchener

If you have a collection of gold and silver coins, and there isn’t room to store them, bring your coins to us and exchange them for cash! Northern Cash is one of Kitchener and South Western Ontario’s trusted coin buyers. We have numerous satisfied customers because we offer top dollar for your precious items. Our team of professionals has been highly trained and possesses the experience to offer you transparent price deals.


So, if you have some gold coins and don’t know what to do with them, get in touch with us to turn them into real money! Sell your unwanted gold jewelry, scrap gold, and other precious metals like silver at current market prices. You can also get your jewelry’s value checked by the experts at Northern Cash.


For any further information, please read below or contact us by phone call, email, or visit us in-store.

How We Help You

Learn more about our cash for gold and silver coins service:

What do we buy?

We buy various items, including gold coins, dental gold, scrap and precious broken metal. We also buy silver coins.

What we don't buy?

We do not deal in or buy diamonds, precious stones, and gold and silver bullion.

How do we do it?

Transparency is an essential aspect of our business. We inspect and weigh your gold in front of you and offer a fair market price based on daily value. We payout only in cash, not by cheque or store credit like our competitors. You can be sure that all the gold we purchase is refined and never re-sold.

Instant cash loans

Do you need immediate cash but don't want to sell your precious items, such as gold and silver? We provide cash loans up to 80% of market value. Selling your most-valued jewelry or coins can be tough. It is why our cash loans services can be a great option when you need instant cash.

Canadian money

Why Choose Us?

Northern Cash is one of the go-to gold and silver buyer in Kitchener because of the following reasons:

We pay in cash and on the spot

No testing fees

Free estimates

Get your money on the same day

We will beat our competitors’ offers by 5%

We buy and sell based on the current prices of gold and silver.


Cash for Silver on the Same Day!

Receive immediate cash for your sterling silver and unwanted silver and platinum items.

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